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Company Profile

October 1989
Eric Y. T. Chuo
3262 (Jun, 2013)
Global Headquarters:
Taichung, Taiwan
Overseas Subsidiaries:
Germany, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Singapore R&D Centers: Tokyo (Japan), Offenburg (Germany), Moscow(Russia), Yiselie Worldwide manufacturer of a complete line of motion control products

Management Philosophy

To integrate global resources for continuous innovation, to provide a better way of life and a better working environment for mankind, to achieve the goal of continuous operation through practices of professional excellence, working enthusiasm, and enterprise responsibility.

Mission Statement

To provide a better way of life and a better working environment for mankind


For Taiwan: be able to develop high precision, high-tech, high value-added industrial products.


For the world: HIWIN products can replace hydraulic components, reduce pollution and noise, and conserve energy.


To provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for employees as well as to maximize profit for shareholders.

Our Name:"HIWIN"

HIWIN is a combination of Hi-tech WINner. This means, "You are a Hi-tech WINner with us."

HIWIN comes from "HI-tech WINner" and means, "With us, you are a hi-tech winner." As you incorporate our product within your applications, you will realize the uncompromising value and leading technological advancements available through Hiwin.

Beside this, we also take pride in our industry’s acknowledgments of our innovative technology. The principle of providing our customers with greater value through technological advancements and enhanced global competition is the foundation that supports Hiwin’s plan to be the leader in hi-tech industry.

HIWIN has become a well-known brand with patents registered in over 34 countries including the US, Japan, the European Union, and more.

Our Corporate Colors – Green & Red


Signifies the idea of environmental consciousness, nature, and continuous growth.


Denotes enthusiasm, aggressive work ethic, and an indomitable, innovative spirit.

Hiwin Technologies Corp. is professionally engaged in the innovation and the manufacturing of ballscrew and motion control components. Always regarding "Professional Excellence, Working Enthusiasm, and Enterprise Responsibility," as our management philosophy since Hiwin has established, we strive for meeting with the demand of all fields.

In order to establish the environmental protection and the occupational health & safety as systematization, Hiwin emerges the concept of environmental protection and occupational health & safety into the decisive processes of innovation, manufacturing and service of products, adoption of raw material, and abandonment of waste material. Also we will keep continuous improvement upon them to take up our responsibility of the prevention of pollution, the reduction of waste material, the saving of resources and energy, and the protection for employees' health & safety. To implement this policy effectively, Hiwin promises to all its employees, customers, suppliers, and all publics the followings:

  1. Educate and upgrade Hiwin employees' concept about the environmental protection and occupational health & safety; and keep on the mutual communication with our suppliers and customers.
  2. Abide by the laws, the regulations, and the other requirements of the government concerning about the environmental protection and the occupational health & safety.
  3. Stress on the prevention work against pollution and actively keep on the improvement.
  4. Be secure and legal on treatment for discard material and enduringly proceed the deduction of industrial wastes.
  5. Protect natural resources and economize the use of energy.
  6. Promote the prevention work of occupational health & safety to reduce its hazard and risk, and also carry on the improvement to the target of "zero accident".

Hiwin will make all employees comprehensively understand and keep on the execution of our environmental protection and occupational health & safety policy through the internal audits and continuous training. Besides, Hiwin will convey this policy to those, who work or stand for the organization to work, through suitable media to let all relative organizations realize Hiwin's definite determination upon the management of environmental protection to the earth and occupational health & safety for all HIWIN employees.

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